State and Federal Legislative Priorities

2019 Priorities 

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Our purpose is to educate government officials and agencies on public policy concerns and the legislative needs of the school district with an intense focus on student achievement.

This department seeks to establish new and develop existing relationships with government officials and agencies.

This website includes government resources for the Orange County Public School community. If you have any questions, please use the information above to contact the Office of Legislative and Congressional Relations.


OCPS Logo Icon 2017 Legislative Presentation

OCPS Logo Icon HB 7069 Letter from OCPS School Board Members

OCPS Logo Icon 2015 Legislative Update
State of Florida 2015 Legislative Update

OCPS Logo Icon 2015 Resolution on Accountability and Testing

OCPS Logo Icon 2014 Legislative Presentation

OCPS Logo Icon 2013 Legislative Presentation

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OCPS Logo Icon 2011 Approved Legislative Platform


Interim Committee Mtg - Week 1
December 10 - 14, 2018

House Committee Assignments
Senate Committee Assignments

Interim Committee Mtg - Week 2
January 15, 2019

MSD Public Safety Commission - Initial Report
Safe School Hardening Allocation and Officers Total

Interim Committee Mtg - Week 3
January 29, 2019

Interim Committee Mtg - Week 4
February 12, 2019


Every Student Succeed Act (ESSA)

Photo of Codeye Woody

Codeye J. Woody, DPL

Director of Legislative & Congressional Relations

Orange County Public Schools
445 W. Amelia Street
Orlando, FL  32801

Office: 407-317.3200 ext 2002966


Legislative and Congressional Relations
445 W. Amelia St. Orlando, FL 32801 407.317.3200 Youtube