We have access to all of the quizzes so parents and students should click here to access a “quiz search” to see if the book they or their child is reading is in fact AR.
What is it? — Accelerated Reader (AR) is a reading program designed to monitor student progress. Every student in our school will participate in the AR program during their classes through the school wide reading requirement. We will use their reading levels based upon testing to determine the level where students should read. Each student will set a goal based on their reading ability and will work each day to achieve their goal by the end of the quarter.
How will I get an AR book? — Students come to the media center with their language arts classes to check out AR books. Students may also choose to bring books from home or the public library.
Reading Log — All students will keep a reading log to track their progress as they read their AR books during Panther Time. They should also track any reading that they do outside of Panther Time on their reading log. The reading log will be used as a “ticket” for the students to take tests on the books that they read.
Testing — After reading the AR book students will be tested on their comprehension. A short 10-20 question quiz will monitor their progress and help them reach their goal. Students must have a reading log to use as a “ticket” before they will be allowed to test on their books.
Parent involvement is the key to the success of our reading program. Please take time to discuss the book your child is currently reading to show him/her that you are supportive of his/her goals in the reading program.