On OCPS Domain (at school):  http://ocpsondemand
Choose Dr. Phillips High from dropdown menu.


Log in with student ID and password used at school; teachers login with normal login credentials.


SAFARI Montage Managed Home Access (MHA)


SAFARI Montage Managed Home Access (MHA) is an add-on-module that allows users to access the district’s

SAFARI Montage server from home. With the Managed Home Access module, teachers and students can

access content, create playlists and upload them for later access when back in school. In addition, districts

with the CreationStation module can upload and share their own content to allow students and parents to

view from home.


Before using SAFARI Montage MHA, home users need to ensure their PCs have the following:

      Broadband Internet connection

      Apple QuickTime 7.6 or greater

      SAFARI Montage Media Player

Note: If the SAFARI Montage Media Player is not installed or is not the latest version, the user will be

prompted to download the latest version prior to logging in to the SAFARI Montage server.