Strategic Planning and Performance
Strategic Planning & Performance (SPP) facilitates strategic planning and continuous improvement processes, guides data analysis and reporting strategies and leads the district’s accountability, research and evaluation initiatives.

Strategic Planning - The SPP department is responsible for the development and monitoring of the district scorecards and business plans, as well as promoting connections between the OCPS Strategic Plan and continuous improvement efforts (e.g., school improvement plans and district accreditation).

The Departments of Strategic Planning & Performance

Accountability & Improvement

Accountability & Improvement (A&I) leads the analysis and interpretation of data for accountability, accreditation, school improvement and strategic planning processes to attain the district's vision, mission and goals.

Data Strategy

Data Strategy provides timely, focused data management, analysis and reporting strategies to support educators in making decisions to lead students to success.

Research & Evaluation

Research & Evaluation (R&E) provides support to inform district-wide decision making through primary research, program evaluation and the calculation and reporting of Student Learning Growth (SLG) scores. In addition, we encourage and collaborate with external institutions in developing targeted research studies that align with district priorities.

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Strategic Planning & Performance
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